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Град: Baku

Лице за контакти: BAKHTIYAR ALIZADEH

Длъжност: Agent

Допълнителна информация

Get information about our company. ABA Logistics operates more than 12 years in Azerbaijan market. We would be more than glad to see your company on the list of our cooperations companies. Countires European Countries M3-70 Euro KG-0.30 Euro Turkey M3-30 USD KG-0.25 USD Russia – Ukraine M3-70 USD KG-1.0 USD Destinations: Scandinavia: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain Western Europe: France, Germany, Austria, Benelux, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Poland Southern Europe: Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Balkan Peninsula countries, Italy And More: Greece, Syria, Jordan, USA, UAE, China, Iran and CIS countries Our Depots : Germany : Dusseldorf DE-42327 (Departure from Depot every - Friday) Italy: Treviso IT-31057(Departure from Depot every Thursday – Friday) Turkey: Istanbul TR-34522 (Departure from Depot every Thursday – Friday) Ukraine: Kyivsky region, AU-08140 Russia: Moskow, RU- 121170 The list of services provided: Ø Dry freight transport by road; Ø Air cargo transportation; Ø Freight transport by ship; Ø Railway cargo transportation; Ø Container transportation; Ø Transportation of goods that require special temperature regime; Ø Non-standard and very small-scale cargo transportation; Ø Bulky and very heavy loads; Ø Customs officialization; Ø Warehouse services (in Azerbaijan and Europe) Ø ADR dangerous cargo transportation; Ø Cargo insurance Ø Door To door Delivery Note: delivery time of FTL cargo to Baku is 8-10 days, as well as LTL (GROUPAGE) cargo delivery to Baku can take between12-15 days

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13,60 Брезент : 6
Тандем: 6
Хладилен: 5
Микробус: 2

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